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Business representatives from Kosovo arrive in Zürich after visiting Vienna and Berlin.

After visiting Vienna and Berlin, business representatives from Kosovo have stopped off in Zürich to meet with Albanian diaspora businessmen in Switzerland as part of an economic forum.

This forum was organized by the Ministry of Diaspora, American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo project DEED and KIESA, whereas the host of this event was the Albanian Business Network in Switzerland.

The event was attended by the Kosovar Diaspora Minister Valon Murati, vice-Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Bern, Mustafë Xhemaili, and the First Secretary of the Albanian Embassy in Bern, Kastriot Noli, as well as other guests from Kosovo.

Alban Gërguri was also a participant in this forum as a representative of the creative agency "Trokit". The purpose of this forum is to build bridges of cooperation and understanding between the local businesses and diaspora ones. "Trokit" appears to have already accomplished this goal since our company has been operating in the area of information technology and advertising in the Helvetic country for some time now. It's also important to mention that "Trokit" has been welcomed there. We hope that other Kosovar companies will get the same opportunity in order to cooperate closely with immigrant businesses in Switzerland, whose aim is to organize such forums.

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